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Redi Rock – Heritage Loop, Paso Robles


Engineers had the challenge to design a retention wall for a equestrian/walking trail and to realign a drainage structure without disturbing a blue line stream below. The project was successfully completed in seven working days.

Typical Wall Section Schematic (PDF)

Free Standing Blocks 2 Sides Schematic (PDF)

Free Standing Blocks 3 Sides Schematic (PDF)

Free Standing Caps 6″ Schematic (PDF)

Retaining Blocks 28″ Schematic (PDF)

Retaining Blocks 41″ Schematic (PDF)

Retaining Blocks Steps and Corners Schematic (PDF)

Download DWG Files
Typical Wall Layout Schematic (DWG)

Free Standing Blocks 2 and 2 Sides and Caps Schematic (DWG)

Retaining Blocks 28″, 41″ and Steps and Corners Schematics (DWG)