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BV Trigard – Serenity Style


With full couch cover,matching base and optional gold trim, The Serenity Youth measures 54 inches long and is available in simulated white marble, traditional cherry and oak wood-grain finishes.

Measuring 31 inches long, this beautiful casket is available in white marble. It includes a full couch cover with Trigard’s unique sunburst cover design and matching base. Decorative bar handles are included.

The Serenity Infant and Preemie feature hand crafted interiors and pillows of white fabric. Measuring 24 and 18 inches respectively, these delicate casket vaults include sunburst cover design, and are available in finishes of white marble.

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Trigard Style of Burial Vault

Harbor, Serenity Infant 24" White Marble, Serenity Preemie 18" White Marble, Serenity Toddler 31" White Marble, Serenity Youth 54" Oak Woodgrain finish, Serenity Youth 54" Simulated White Marble Finish, Serenity Youth 54" Traditional cherry Finish, Trilogy Basic, Trilogy Simulated Stone w/ White Marble