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Redi-Rock Precast Blocks: About

Since 2000, Engineers and wall designers have been using Redi-Rock to solve earth retention problems.

Redi-Rock’s people, products, and technologies come together to create the solutions you can trust to maximize usable space, prevent erosion, hold up roads and bridges, and much more.

Redi-Rock International is leading the big block retaining wall market in North America with more than 155 Redi-Rock manufacturing locations across the globe. Mid State Concrete Products is the licensed manufacturer and distributor of Redi-Rock retaining wall systems in Central California.

Gravity Walls

Redi-Rock utilizes “gravity wall” technology in some of their walls. Gravity walls rely on the mass of the blocks to withstand the pressure of the earth. Without the need for reinforcement, Redi-Rock gravity walls can be built close to property lines.

Reinforced Walls

Redi-Rock also utilizes reinforced walls. While gravity walls can stand up to 20 feet in some scenarios, Redi-Rock reinforced walls can reach walls heights of over 50 feet. Redi-Rock reinforced walls achieve this using geogrid wraps, stabilized soil, and the sheer weight of each block.

Freestanding Walls

Redi-Rock also offers freestanding walls for finishing touches or stand-alone structures. These multi-faced pieces give a more complete and finalized touch, as well as maintaining the structural integrity of a retaining solution.

Combined Hybrid System

The Redi-Rock system can combine all its different elements when special engineering is required for a scenario. This hybrid solution with Redi-Rock elements still achieves a seamless, modular solution.
Finishing Touches
In addition to the structural reinforcement Redi-Rock achieves, Redi-Rock is engineered to include curves, corners, transitions, and top-of-wall features.


With Redi-Rock, there is no need to sacrifice a great-looking solution to get the required engineering demands. Mid State Products currently offers three different textures: Limestone, Cobblestone, and Ledgestone. We also provide a range of colors, from plain concrete gray to bright terracotta.





Redi-Rock is ready to provide solutions to many industries. From bridges to break walls and stadiums to substations, engineers appreciate the versatility of Redi-Rock.

Below are several projects that we at Mid State Concrete Products have worked on. Feel free to request a quote!