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Mid State Concrete Products manufactures precast catch basins, curb-inlets and drainage structures. These boxes are poured in a multitude of standard and custom sizes with cast-in galvanized steel frames and grates.

Precast curb inlets, catch basins, drop inlets, and rectangular structures are all intended to collect surface run-off and flow into underground storm water drainage systems.

All structures are built to meet federal, state (CalTrans), and local county and city requirements and conditions. It is recommended to check with either Mid State Concrete, or the appropriate agencies for the type of drainage structure approved in your area.

All structures are produced with tongue-and-grove joints. Sealing joints can be done with mastic tape, rolled mastic, or mortar. Most standard heights from 12″ to 48″ tall are kept in inventory, but any taller or larger quantities will need to be manufactured per job and design needs.