Protective Lining (T-Lock)

Protective Lining (T-Lock)

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In 1947 Ameron introduced T-LOCK, a T-ribbed poly-vinyl chloride lining material designed specifically to protect concrete pipe and cast-in-place structures from the corrosive effects of sewer gases, and acids and industrial chemicals.

Manufactured from polymer vinyl-chloride resins extrude under high temperature and pressure, T-Lock provides a dense, impervious, continuous plastic lining to protect concrete substrates against hydrogen sulfide and other sewer gases, acids, alkalies and salts.  Seams are heat welded to form a continuous lining over the entire structure.

T-Lock is effective resistant to gas penetrations; unaffected by continuous exposure to high humidity or water, and by the actions of fungus or bacteria found in sanitary sewers.

If damaged, lining can be repaired quickly and easily by removing the damaged area and welding another piece in its place.

T-Lock can easily be cast in our Manhole structures by special order and per job requirements.  The assembly of the manhole and welding of each joint will need to be done by an Ameron trained welder on the job site.